ITE Siberian Fair would like to invite you to participate in FranchExpo Siberia 2014, one of the most promising, fast-growing franchising exhibitions in Russia and the CIS.

Covering all areas within the clothes, accessories, public catering and services industries, FranchExpo Siberia 2014 will attract franchisers, potential franchisees, and industry professionals from all over the world.

Franchising is an actively developing industry in Russia - there has been a 98% growth in franchising companies in the last three years, putting Russia at the top of global growth charts in this area.

Both domestic and international franchisers operate in Russia, and with large international companies also predicted to enter the franchising market, prospects for expansion are good.

Events held alongside FranchExpo Siberia 2014:

  • Siberian Business Forum
New hotel will open in the territory of Expo Centre
ITE Siberia has become one of the most rapidly developing companies in Novosibirsk in 2013
ITE Siberia: from Siberian Fair to international exhibitions in Siberia

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